Graffiti Crown

The graffiti crown is very much a go to for people looking to add a little hot sauce to their piece, but if you’re new to Graffiti and just getting up I would be lesser enthusiastic about putting it on your work.

In Graffiti there are a bunch of unwritten rules and etiquette (believe it or not) that generally govern our actions. The first being a tier of what is disrespectful to go over someone else work and what isn’t. The guideline here being better it or leave it alone.

Tags at the base line. Throw ups over tags. Pieces over throw ups and burners /productions cover all. When it comes to burners, opinion can cause discrepancy but the general idea is if it’s fresh up, give it a little viewing time before you dash something over it. A mutual respect for the skill set and achievement or notoriety is a given, or at least should be.

The graffiti crown itself comes with the title of King or Qween. That’s not a misspelling by the way. In the graffiti world, the title of King comes with reputation of someone who not just has there name everywhere but who is on top of their games and style is superior to others. The catch here is that not a lot of people in the graffiti game really compliment each other so no one is actually going to call you a king.

This leaves you with the predicament that if you paint the crown, you are self proclaiming yourself of that status..This can make you a target for being gone over or just for painting it.

That being the controversial part. Paint away, I always think that they look cool. I always feel a nice way round it is to paint a character that has one on so you are not directly making the declaration. Its good to be humble in this instance however you can be cheeky with it.