Graffiti Cans

graffiti cans

Graffiti cans are always an ever changing preference.

To take you through an experience of their evolution. When I started painting in the early 2000’s there was only 3-4 brands of paint available directly from graffiti suppliers. For me this consisted of MTN hardcore, Belton, and Montana. Over the first few years of me painting, at the stores local to me, MTN 94 was released and with the rise of the internet use I discovered Monster colours, Ironlak and a few others.

On this subject all I can offer is my personal opinion from my experience, so do not take it as gospel. If you are fortunate enough to meet writers who where painting in the 80’s they have alot more colourful stories to tell of aquireing paint and what they had to do to mix colours etc, so if someone wants to share with you I guarantee it will be worth your while to listen.

Over the first few years of my painting career new brands emerged more frequently providing us as writers with alot more choice. I should point out that the generation before me had even less choice and developed their skills with alot harder cans to mainpulate..Car paints etc. But in my era…it seemed each week there was something different to try. It was just like being in a sweet shop.

There are alot of graffiti can brands to choose from. Each brand has its different pros and cons.

The main graffiti cans on the market at present are Loop, MTN, Montana, Ironlak, clash and Molotow. There are more available but I feel they are more tailored to specific elements of Writing rather than general Graffiti use.

I like to use a bunch of different brands for different things, for instance for teaching I like Ironlak, great colour choice, the value makes the nozzle lighter under the finger which is great for teaching younger people. However it’s UV resistance is poor so for large outdoor commissions it is lesser useful.

Belton by Molotow is a great all rounder along with MTN 94. Both have a massive colour range and Belton reacts to less surfaces making it great for craft stuff as well as on walls. The downfall for Belton, is that it is not as thick as the others which makes it great for canvases and portraits which gives you softer shading transitions. On a large wall outside this is less useful for solid filling in outdoors or at least takes a bit more paint. MTN is thicker an powdery in comparison which I find better for outdoor filling but less versatile on canvas work.

Loop is similar to MTN94 and seems to be a popular can of choice at present but for me the valve system is less easy to manipulate to get enhanced detail as Ironlak or Montana is.

Montana is probably the greatest across the board but you do pay the premium price for this and Belton. The difference is only 50 odd pence but when you are painting a 100 foot wall it hits the wallet more noticeably.

What you will find is that all writers have their own preference and will tell you their reasons why…So if you are new to the graffiti cans and brands do not just to take my word for it or anyone elses. Just get yourself a few and see what you get on with better.

The main thing is not to over think it and just get painting! Practice is more important than choosing your favourite.