Graffiti Bubble Letters

Throw ups Graffiti Bubble Letters

The most common form of graffiti, or at least one of them is graffiti Bubble letters.

The most commonly known lettering or where is all started was the tag. But where do we go from there.

The initial aim of the game was to “get up” or to become infamous from painting your name in as many places as possible visible to as much of the wider city as possible.

From the massive boom in 1970’s New York the following step was to find something more visible than the next person, meaning more colour and going larger. The first transition of this is what we commonly call a throw up.

Throw ups are the graffiti Bubble letters or abbreviations of a graffiti writers tag. The nievity mixed with the ease and fluency is what makes it so widely used as the next thing up from tagging somewhere.

Most throw ups and graffiti Bubble letters are painted in chrome and black. This is due to the fact manufacturer wise these were the easiest to get hold of and had great value in how permanent and applicable they were.

Nowadays they are manufactured for graffiti specifically for this use, usually in large format cans of 600ml. The back to compliment this is usually a tar like black thicker and chemically different for going over all surfaces as well as sitting on top of metal pigment paint that exists in the chrome.

Getting back to why graffiti Bubble letters are still so popular has alot to do with how long this method has been around. It’s is instantly recognisable as graffiti. Not only this, it is the most simplistic to draw and translate into painting.

One of the most natural evolutions of a graffiti writers style is to adapt and thicken ones tag to make larger more complex lettering combinations than can be built to what we now call a piece. A simpler way of doing this is to balloon the letters and round them in a uniform fashion. In its primitive form is what I’m sure most bored individuals have doodled in a sketch book at some point. The more complex example would be some one who has become famous for this style alone such as New York’s Cope2.

cope 2 throw up graffiti bubble letters

So where do graffiti Bubble letters find themselves in today’s ever evolving world of graffiti and street art? Well I guess where they have always been, a useful tool in the learning curve of discovering ones style. At this point is should add that each elementary style of graffiti writing has their own subculture now so there are many dope writers that have took one idea such as this section of the culture and elevated it to do some really creative works that it would be an insult to say it’s primitive to. It’s provided so many with a poinient starting point of which to progress. It’s also useful as a tool to throw in with more modern complex work such a photo realistic graffiti to provide some nievity along with layering and texture to a more technical composition of art.

So until next time Gypsetters, I hope this addresses this topic.