A Graffiti Letter

A graffiti letter

A Graffiti letter..There is nothing more important to a writer than their lettering style.

A writer’s piece can all be brought back to one letter.

Last time I was out in NYC talking black books at 5pointz (R.IP to that Mecca) it was explained to me that alot of those guys were concentrating alot of effort on specifically a graffiti letter by itself and explaining that it was common to take that one letter and flip it a bunch of different ways to manipulate into other letters. This way you have the style you want and consistency throughout your piece. I’d never looked at it that way before.

Guys I used to write with specifically picked their alias’s because they loved the letters and what they could do with them.

I got my nickname at school age and kept it that way. Again it’s was something I later acknowledged it wasn’t this was for most.

But I think in hindsight they have it right. You have to enjoy working with a graffiti letter and it’s shaping possibilities. I should say though, the possibility of what you can do with any letter is infinite.

So focus on just drawing it, and alot. There is a lot to be said for fluency and that is only achieved through practise and repetition. I don’t really keep my sketches and I kick myself for it. In the first 5 years I drew so so much and had it in a folder for ten years..Then I lost it moving houses and such but it’s great to look at how your styles develop and sometimes to revisit and upgrade!

So my advice is not to overlook a graffiti letter and never underestimate style, there are so many skilled writers out there but not so many style technicians. There is no shortcut to getting the perfect letter.