A Graffiti Font

a graffiti tag sketch86

Ok so this is a little bit of a bug bear for me, the use of a graffiti font.

So many times you come across people that want to utilise the urban or street look for digital purpose and so instantly go and find themselves a graffiti font.

My first advice if you fit into this category is don’t. The reasoning for this is that 99% of graffiti fonts are not representative of graffiti writing or graffiti art for that matter.

Mostly these are digital creations by non graffiti artists and chances are if you were to use one you may get less credibility from the crowd you are trying to attract.

Don’t get me wrong there are some cool ones out there and more an more credible graffiti artist are being immersed in the digital vector world. However you may find that due to the selection you are going straight to the same as many others and end up looking the same as someone else whose used it.

My advice would be to take a look at my other blog about the graffiti alphabets and see how you can utilise these to create the look you want. The easiest option if you are into your handstyles is to draw the titling you want to digitally create. Photograph it on your smartphone and send it over to you computer or tablet to edit into your digital title on something like photo shop.

It doesn’t take long and you have more chance of creating a graffiti font that suits exactly what you are after.

My second thought would be to Google graffiti handstyles or graffiti alphabets and then digitally save ones you like and break them down into letters you can then manipulate digitally.

If you want inspiration I would suggest looking at the work of the 123 Klan or buying one of their books to get you motivated.

Most graffiti writers that are trying new things will most likely be influenced by another writer or something they have seen that inspires them and I would guess this goes for alot of non street artists also. So find a bunch of styles you like and start adapting them to make them more your own. That way you will get a premium look that is far from your typical generic graffiti fonts.

Also I should mention that taking another graffiti artists style is known as biting. I would thoroughly advise against this as it may bring you back to the damage I mentioned at the start of this blog. Make something your own and fresh. That’s how you go about creating a graffiti font worth using.

Until next time.