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Street Art Burlesque.. Explain?

Street art Burlesque? Explained..

Burlesque, the art of tease. Well that’s how I like to see street art and graffiti. Steal people’s attention with tempting imagery that make them want more but doesn’t go too far. I know great analogy right? Street art burlesque.

Well every now and again between working on commissions and on the fashion brand, to preserve sanity I have to get out and piece, i.e paint a wall with my name on. Lucky for me I got my own 25foot x 8 ft wall in the Art Yard to appease my hunger.. So Whoop , There it is

Street art Burlesque Wall by sketch86

Thought Behind the Design

Now Urban Gypset being a deadly duo, me as the artist am completely obsessed with my partner and wife to be “the muse” and much of time I use her unique features to create a lot of my works. In this piece this is no exception. This is the last piece of 2016 and I wanted to try out some new lettering. I spend a lot of time painting images but not so much on my lettering style and to be honest it shows but the one thing I have on my side is I am a fast learner and I am not bound by one style and ..I do like detail. My only downfall is time, I generally don’t spend over 3 hours on a piece as business and life are well.. busy. So to fit in Street art burlesque imagery was much of a to do, but do quick.

drips on the street art burlesque wall and floor

So I promised myself a piece and just after Xmas I went out to rock this sketch I drew up on a cold, rainy day, but undeterred , my head was in the zone. Despite the emulsion running everywhere I was all.. What if my letter extensions where feathers and they covered the rude parts, and the fun details of crew (AM2PM) Urban Gypset and my 86 where tattoos couple with a retro pink/blue combo..ooh la la sweet combo right?. I’da liked to have added some more and perhaps interacted the letters with the characters more but generally  when u can’t cut in because of drips and runs  you have to know when to call it a day, but I like where I was going with this.

street art burlesque wall at an angled view by sketch86

FYI little tip: Use a deep green for tattoos rather than black to make sure they look natural. Any ways hope you like the piece, More to Come.

Peace Gypsetters.