Live Graffiti Art / Live Street Art

Having Live graffiti art at your event or venue can add a powerful visual to bring your event to life.

There are many different ways to engage your audience through live graffiti art. Be it painting a live masterpiece on a wall, canvas or even on live models.

We create designs based on your event or brand, painting live throughout the day/ evening or over the course of the event . This can also give chance for your guests to participate in the live graffiti art, guided by our artist.

Whether you require us to build a temporary wall or provide ready to hang canvases we can provide you with the choices to suit your companies/brand needs.

There are also environmental options where we provide water based or chalk based spray paint or markers to ensure no odours or fumes effect your guests should you have an unventilated area.

Risk Assessment, COSSH data and public liability cover are provided as standard.

Below are some examples of Live art provided by Urban Gypset.


sketch86 on stage live graffiti art
toni and guy graffiti urban gypset


graffiti mural stage performance
graffiti mural with guitarist in front urban gypset
fire breathing in front of graffiti wall
band in front of graffit mural sketch86
TATTOO CONVENTION sketch86 urban gypset
live graffit art mural tattoo convention cornwall sketch86 urban gypset
tattoo convention graffiti street art tattoo
live graffiti art urban gypset live street art sketch86


FAntasy festival stage mural urban gypset
FAntasy festival stage mural urban gypset