Graffiti artist for hire, yes… but here at Urban Gypset we are this and much more.

The unique combination of the Urban Gypset duo provide many different street art services all executed with knowledge, experience and precision. Every project being completely unique and bespoke to the client.

Choose a service below to look at some of our recent projects and find out more information on each area of graffiti hire.

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Urban Gypset work nationally and internationally for individuals and businesses large and small to bring life changing visuals to your environment. Whether you need bespoke canvases, large graffiti murals or out of the box thinking to create something unique. We use Original Graffiti and Street art techniques with expert skills and knowledge combined with a stylists eye for design to give you what you desire and much more.


Planning an event? Looking to bring something exciting to your occasion? Why not try adding Live graffiti art.  An entertaining process whilst your audience mingle and enjoy the evening. Our Artist will paint an image which will gradually unveil. A feature canvas or mural will emerge in front of their eyes. Complete before the end of the function. A stunning talking point, for your customers. Something to keep and display for your venue or business.


Graffiti is no stranger to transport. However when it comes to finish there is a strong difference between your standard graffiti and Factory finish. This means before and aftercare. This turns your vehicle into a mobile piece of art. The difference comes in the preparation and finish and skill. We paint vehicles from rust buckets through to show room shiners and we do it well. All leave lacquered and shiny to give you that distinctive finish when your out and about. Graffiti is one element the rest is complimenting it to allow it to shine. Check out some of our feature pieces for inspiration.


Graffiti wall murals. These are completed in many styles sizes and technical difficulties. Probably the most common evolution of graffiti. With such a vast scope of styles to consider, it is important to get a mural that is right for you. You should consider so much more than price. Experience, skills, portfolio and understanding. It is important that your chosen firm give you the time care and understanding you need to get the right result for you.


Original art work and prints. The most portable version of Urban art. If you are looking for an investment piece. Something you can move from venue to venue. Indoor or weatherproof outdoor canvas options available. All sizes. Custom framing and more. An original commissioned piece or something from on our Sketch86’s collections we have plenty of options for you.


When booking a graffiti artist for hire. It is important to know what you are getting before any work gets done. We provide a quote and design service free as part of the booking process. This means you have a good idea of what you get before you pay. Peace of mind and a masterpiece.


We provide workshops 7 days a week from 9 a.m until 8p.m. Learn the techniques of spray can use. Take home you own canvas. Work with the best. Friendly safe and secure environment. All weather. Team building days, family outings, keen enthusiasts, schools, groups or simply a fun activity. Come to us or we come to you.