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Amongst many street art services it necessarily follows that vehicles would become a part of the graffiti world. We are no stranger to this painting roughly 10 vehicles per year. The difference with us is the understanding of the processes that aren't the usual part of a graffiti writers process. We offer a variety of services for your vehicle and unlike most we break it down so you can understand how each step of the process works allowing you to pick and choose what you require. See examples of our projects over the past twelve months followed by the need to knows of getting your vehicle painted with custom graffiti.
Unlike airbrushing spray paint provides a thicker coverage which has its pros and its cons. Its unbeaten on vibrancy and on the stand out imagery that you cannot get with the softness of an airbrush. Being thicker it shows that as the details builds so does the texture of the art work. This is fine for most projects however is something to consider if you are looking for the factory finish and shine. Preparation is key, and so sanding the vehicle in advance is essential to allow the paint to adhere and grip so as to provide a more durable application. You do have the option to do this part yourself prior to the artwork as it may save you some costs. We do not take responsibility for how thorough this is done. After the artwork is complete you have several finishing options. This is purely defined by what you want to spend and how you want your vehicle to look. Lacquering again is different to the airbrush world as the there are two key types of lacquer available. Only one suits the chemical compound of spray paint. Unfortunately this is not the ones used in the regular workshops of car spay booths. This comes with its advantages and disadvantages again. Over the next few weeks we are updating this section with more and more information to provide you with more knowledge to get the right look for your vehicle. Any queries do not hesitate to get in touch.