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The Writer’s Review – Respect and Love, 123 Klan

So my response to this book is pretty much summed up by its title. I respect and love this book.


This is a French husband and wife combo of Scien and Klor make up (with a few others) the famous 123 Klan.

These guys not only piece amazing walls but show you how graffiti skills when applied, go right across many industries and they do it in style.

The book is not only compiled of nice facts/stories about them in English and in French and also great visuals of wall productions but, an extensive portfolio of works they have done for companies from FUBU to NIKE, ADIDAS to many others. That’s pretty unique for anything out on the Graff scene and something to inspire. I read this book and want to get better because of it. Not only that they show a sheer volume of high quality images that show you really do have to be living it to keep up with these guys and really this is why they are up there with the best.


If you know about Can Two and other German writers you will be familiar with these guys work . There is a great modernisation of the clean street art imagery  mixed with lettering with these guys blending their trademark characters with vector graphics to manufacture all of the foresaid as something that can be duplicated and applied in many different mediums as marketing material and products.

So what you have is a book for ideas colour schemes and style inspiration along with a portfolio to aspire to , what more could you want in a Graff book…Well maybe trains.. I’m sure they must have done some which would be cool to see.. Anyways really that is great production. Thanks Scien and Klor, it makes picking this one up easy as 123.

Peace Gypsetters.