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The Writers Review – Graffiti Books

As we all know knowledge is power and any graffiti enthusiast and writer alike especially in todays day and age has a vast amount of Streetart imagery, film and influence at their fingertips.

The internet is one thing but there are now so many book publications out there with some real unique graffiti content that I find myself delving into all the time throughout my painting career whatever I’m doing.

Now as much as I have an ego and love the one up-man-ship of this world that acts as the driving engine of a Graffiti writers creativity, I feel that the love needs to be spread in the street art scene and the more we open this world up to that love i.e discussing and sharing etc the better the graffiti community benefits.

I for one am no exception the thirst for style. I collect Graffiti based books and for me its great to see this industry still thriving and for any one out there who is looking to extend their collection, just likes cool pictures or wants a good street art story to get stuck into. Hopefully I can give you my personal feedback from an experienced writers point of view which may give you something useful to take away and get up with.

If any of you guys find this useful or have any books/resources you are considering and what us to comment on drop us a comment and we’ll do our best to review.

So here’s some of the books I’ll be talking about:

Subway art, Spray can art, The Faith of Graffiti, All City Writers, Nothin but Tags, Fuzz one. Smash 137, Ma’claim Crew, Burners, Children of the Can, Street Logos, 100 UK Graff artists, Graffiti World, Street art from around the globe, street logos, street graphics new York, Sento. Does, Qui Facit, Respect and Love, Early new York Subway Graffiti, Mural art Vol 1.-3, Street knowledge, Herakut behind the laughter, Neil shoe heuman.

These above are namely the shelf I am looking at, at present to start with. So keep an eye on the Writer’s review and click on the title you wanna read about.. Peace. Sketch86

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