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Moschino – Who’s next?

  Once more,  Communication across the classes..




The famous house of Moschino discovered the individuality and some legal controversy of urban art this season. Graffiti always seems to have a trail of controversy unfortunately. Alternative art with the use of a spray can, street art graffiti does seem to constantly have to raise its head above and beyond to gain some respect for the incredible talent it takes to perfect this art.


Yes art, not vandalism, but a communication and imagery that is born into the root of every graffiti artist out there. An art form that transcends all other art for its individuality and freedom to communicate and cross over the class boundaries in every society. Appreciation of art in all forms should be available to all and not just the Daily Telegraph reader 😉 and encouraged from an early age.


We have evolved from cave walls to canvases, with Banksy conveying his political views at a cost. There is and always will be the darker side to this art.


The legal and illegal – this is what it is – Graffiti – unique, rebellious and available to all!


Next question, who will it inspire next?


Amanda – Urban Gypset