Graffiti Fashion

A Stylist’s Eye – Create Affordable, Unique Fashion

Amanda's tips on unique fashion with vintage and second hand clothing
As a fashion and set stylist, I travelled internationally with beautiful models in wonderful countries – Africa, India, Australia, Indonesia, the South Americas, Caribbean, USA, most of Europe.


Wardrobe was my thing. I became an expert on climate and light, and the collections I worked with were merely the back cloths to the amazing locations.


Fine fabrics that flow with the body and sea breezes, transparent colours that echo the sunrise and sunsets, reflecting light and enhancing the skin tones. Just a few tricks out of a stylist’s dressing up box.


Dressing creatively does not mean spending huge amounts on clothes. Vintage pieces from thrift stores mixed with chain store pieces. Second hand designer clothes of quality worn with low key Tee’s. Well worn in leather footwear and hand luggage. How do you recognise a real piece of authentic LV luggage? The light coloured handles enhance in their patina overtime from the natural oil in your hands. That second hand bag will last you far longer than any over-priced fake ;).


We wish to keep the Art and Fashion at affordable prices and unique in style.


Give time to your wardrobe, not money ;).