graffiti alphabet

Graffiti Alphabet

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The Graffiti alphabet is essentially the alphabet drawn in your own handstyle. It’s not essential to draw the entire alphabet when trying to perfect your handstyle but like I say in my other posts regular practice makes for a more fluent style so it can’t hurt. The idea of a graffiti alphabet is somewhat of […]

A graffiti letter

A Graffiti Letter

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A Graffiti letter..There is nothing more important to a writer than their lettering style. A writer’s piece can all be brought back to one letter. Last time I was out in NYC talking black books at 5pointz (R.IP to that Mecca) it was explained to me that alot of those guys were concentrating alot of […]

graffiti cans

Graffiti Cans

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Graffiti cans are always an ever changing preference. To take you through an experience of their evolution. When I started painting in the early 2000’s there was only 3-4 brands of paint available directly from graffiti suppliers. For me this consisted of MTN hardcore, Belton, and Montana. Over the first few years of me painting, […]

Graffiti Crown

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The graffiti crown is very much a go to for people looking to add a little hot sauce to their piece, but if you’re new to Graffiti and just getting up I would be lesser enthusiastic about putting it on your work. In Graffiti there are a bunch of unwritten rules and etiquette (believe it […]

a graffiti tag sketch86

A Graffiti Font

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Ok so this is a little bit of a bug bear for me, the use of a graffiti font. So many times you come across people that want to utilise the urban or street look for digital purpose and so instantly go and find themselves a graffiti font. My first advice if you fit into […]

a graffiti writer wall mural

A Graffiti Writer

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Ok Gypsetters, Who is or what defines you as a Graffiti writer? Firstly this is such a large topic I’m going to condense my thoughts on the subject as best I can. Graffiti Writing, not street art, nor graffiti art. Yes the art is subjective and a large part of what we try to depict […]

a graffiti tag wall nyc

A Graffiti Tag

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What is a graffiti tag? Ok so this to a lot of people maybe a stupid question, To put it simply it’s a writer’s (what you would call graffiti artist) signature. Most commonly disliked for its association with people vandalising properties. It’s mostly used for speed and it’s fast application. However it is so much […]

Throw ups Graffiti Bubble Letters

Graffiti Bubble Letters

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The most common form of graffiti, or at least one of them is graffiti Bubble letters. The most commonly known lettering or where is all started was the tag. But where do we go from there. The initial aim of the game was to “get up” or to become infamous from painting your name in […]