Street Art Burlesque.. Explain?

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Street art Burlesque? Explained.. Burlesque, the art of tease. Well that’s how I like to see street art and graffiti. Steal people’s attention with tempting imagery that make them want more but doesn’t go too far. I know great analogy right? Street art burlesque. Well every now and again between working on commissions and on […]

A Graffiti Writer’s Ego – A Vast Expanse

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The Ever Growing Graffiti Knowing Ego One of the most detrimental/ amusingly nostalgic characteristic of mixing with my Graffiti Writer Peers is that common underlying attitude we all share… That we are all better than each other! Unfortunately for any consumer trying to decide who they would like to do their artwork, commonly each artist will tell you that they are […]

The Urban Gypset Generation

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AN URBAN GYPSET STYLE FILE This season, the Urban gypsy has traipsed into town with a sophisticated, tough-luxe vibe. Design houses captured the spirit of wanderlust by incorporating opulent, piled-on materials to convey an edgy, bohemian flare. More is more for this urban artisan, mixing basic urban art inspired T.shirts with Boho accessories, metallics and […]

#5Pointz NYC Street art

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 STREET ART AND GRAFFITI WALLS IN NEW YORK CITY From a writer merely observing, to being internationally observed. At least that’s how I see it. Back in 2005 I took what’s known as the’ )Hush tours of New York.’ Conducted by the Hip Hop greats of that era.  This for me was the pinnacle of […]

Welcome to Urban Gypset

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AN INTRODUCTION.. Welcome to the world of #UrbanGypset, where we simply take #street art #Graffiti forwards. We supply original wall art from one of the most prominent figures in #UKGraffiti scene, #Sketch86. We have a range of freehand spray art services across the spectrum catering to all commercial and domestic enquiries large or small as […]